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Craft Paper Co. The posters are printed on very high quality artistic canvas papers made of cotton. 


You can take our posters dimensions as 40x60 cm or 30x40cm.


Also, keep in mind that this poster is a great combination with Vespa and VW VAN Posters. (A few examples for inspiration)  we added)


You can stretch the posters you bought without a lath onto the canvas yourself. After doing this stretching, the visible dimensions of the posters are made from every corner.  It will shrink approximately 4-5 cm. With magnetic laths, you will prevent this situation and then also your other posters.  You can hang it in a very practical way. 


You can get our posters in 2 ways; wooden hanger without lath  or magnetic wooden hanger  aspect.


The magnetic wooden hanger is made of raw wood and  Contains no chemicals or preservatives. 

Our solid wood laths are chemical-free, raw and natural materials.


Poster, calendar, photo, fabric etc. It is designed to hang on the wall practically without framing the materials. It will definitely not damage the material you will hang on the wall between the magnets. It is very easy to apply. It has a very aesthetic stance on the wall.


Magnetic poster strip,  You can also buy them separately from the 'junk' category.


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