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About The Return Process



First of all, Craft Paper's top priority is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and that the result is just as you imagined (or even better than you imagined).


All of Craft Paper's designs consist of figures drawn by Nihan Minareci. Nihan loves working with soft and soothing colors, which is why most of our designs are so calming and relaxing. Please do not confuse pastel and light tones with dullness. It is our preference and something we are very particular about that our designs do not have overly vibrant and flashy colors ♡


Our HP Latex printing devices are the newest and most advanced technological devices. Since we are sensitive about color, we regularly calibrate the color settings of all our devices.


The colors in our designs can vary greatly and be misleading in digital environments, depending on the screen brightness and the characteristics of the screens of our phones, tablets, computers, etc. Similarly, a photo of a wall can look very different depending on the weather of the day, the lighting of the room, and even the model of our phone. Therefore, if you are very particular about colors, please contact us before purchasing a product, and if necessary, we can provide you with a sample. Color is important :)

Return Process

Since our wallpapers are custom-made for you, we unfortunately cannot accept returns unless the error is on our part.


For stickers, we cannot accept returns unless the error is due to Craft Paper. In cases requiring a return, the process is as follows:


The sticker return process is as follows:

- Since stickers are products susceptible to "paper cracking," the return process should be planned without damaging or using the products. Otherwise, we unfortunately cannot accept the return.

- If you have completed the above process without any issues, you need to send the products intact via Yurtiçi Kargo to Nihan Minareci at the address 2166/3 Sok. No:6 İskele Mah. Urla/İzmir as "Sender Paid" (the sender being you).

- Once the products have been received in good condition, the refund amount will be agreed upon and returned to you.




Feel free to let me know if you need any additional translations or modifications.

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