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This set includes 2 whales, 2 sets of clouds, 1 full moon and 1 child. 


There are different color options of the child flying on the whale, the clouds and the stars,  Please select before proceeding with the purchase.


If your wall is white, in order for the clouds to be visible; You can choose the blue color version.


boy flying above the whale  If you want, you can choose from a variety that resembles your own child and customize it so that your child can imagine himself above the clouds. Or if it's not just one child, but several siblings, that many children's stickers  You can take it and fly them all over the whale :)


This sticker set includes 1 child, if you want to buy more, you can buy the child separately from the 'WALL LABELS' category.


All of our wall stickers are produced with the highest quality sticker material, which can be repeatedly disassembled and attached, which is not damaged during this process and does not damage the wall. With our Peel-Plug wall sticker material, you can put the stickers wherever you want.  You can paste it again so that your children can create their own fantasy world.


Dimension information is available in the last image.


Our prices include VAT and shipping costs.


All of our products are printed with HP Latex solvent-free water-based paints, so they do not have the slightest effect on your health. Separation must be done slowly and carefully during the removal process, otherwise you may unintentionally tear off the thin, narrow portions of the label.


The surfaces must be clean and the wall paints must not be weak so that the Remove-Plug materials do not lose their properties.

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