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Hello there,


Craft Paper Co. It is a children's brand with a lot of imagination and printable products on a small scale, but with endless creativity.

Our biggest goal is to serve your children's unlimited imagination and contribute to their development. Our first priority is to open spaces to feed their imagination, to make them feel safe in their comfort areas and to increase the quality of the time they will spend in their rooms.


We like to make designs that appeal to the souls of children instead of the mediocrity and repetitive patterns found in classic wallpapers. We are after simple but rich content that is aimed at their needs, that excites them and makes them happy when they see it. We choose the content, colors and placements of the visuals we use in our designs by considering their effects on child development, and finally, we create magical spaces for children by transforming them into designs with the support of pedagogues.


We will continue to make new drawings and create new designs with the inspiration we get from the nature of children.


Nihan and Serhat Minareci

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Craft Paper Co. Thank you for your interest in us. More information  or you can send us a message to get a price quote for wallpapers.

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